Product Change Notices

Proactively manage components with PCN alerts

Z2Data's advanced Alert Tracker will notify you if there are any product change notifications to any of your parts. After uploading a BOM you can receive alerts only on the PCNs that actually impact you. You may be receiving multiple PCNs that don't impact your products, and filtering through these can take a lot of time/effort. Z2Data will filter the PCNs for you and provide you with the PCNs that you should care about.

Z2Data sends you real-time alerts with summarized information on the product change notification and also provides the source where the information was obtained, in case you want to verify the PCN alerts that you have received. Component obsolescence and Product Discontinuation Notices can be costly if you are not staying up to date with the latest information that is released regarding your parts and product changes. Z2Data processes PCNs and sends you alerts within 24 hours of when that PCN was first issued. This way you can stay up to date and organized on all PCNs affecting your business.

Some PCN categories that we provide alerts on include:

  • Obsolescence & PDNs
  • Assembly Process
  • Datasheet Specifications
  • Cosmetic Change
  • Design Change
  • Storage & Handling
  • Material Change Alerts
  • Labeling & Packing Change Alerts

You can receive these alerts through email, directly through Z2Data's Part Risk Manager solution (through a secure login), or through APIs that integrate with your PLM or ERP to feed you the data you are looking for.

To avoid filtering through and being bombarded with PCNs that don't affect your business, sign up for a free trial of Z2Data's Alert Tracker.

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