Mergers & Acquisitions Alerts

Notifications on M&A's

Z2Data is constantly tracking news and press releases to provide you with timely insight on when there has been a merger or acquisition involving one or more of your suppliers. You receive these alerts in real-time and can then strategize accordingly for what each merger or acquisition means for you. Z2Data provides you with the date of the event, the parties involved, the type of merger or acquisition, the amount, and the source the data was collected from. This way you can stay on top of changes happening in your supply base and throughout the industry in order to react to a business opportunity or alert as quickly as possible. You can choose to take action on these events, by investigating deeper, marking them as complete, and/or leaving them active to check at a later date. You can receive these alerts via API or email in order to monitor M&As effecting your supply base. You can also access them directly through Z2Data's Supplier Insight tool where you can track the health and activities of each of your suppliers.

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