Management Change Alerts

Notifications on management changes

Z2Data is constantly tracking news and press releases so you know immediately when there has been a management change within your supply base. As opposed to getting notified via news feed or through your network days after changes have been made to your supplier, Z2Data provides you with real-time updates on management changes. You are given the new individual's name, a bio about their past experience, education, compensation, and board memberships. Z2Data also tells you what organization the previous individual has gone to, should you look to establish a stronger relationship with that individual at a new supplier. This way you can stay on top of changes happening in your supply base and throughout the industry in order to react to a business opportunity or alert as quickly as possible. You can choose to take action on these events by investigating deeper, marking them as complete, and/or leaving them active to check at a later date. You can receive these alerts through directly accessing Z2Data's Supplier Insights tool or through an API/email alert.

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