Logistics Alerts

Get the latest news on logistics problems impacting your supply chain

Various causes like natural disasters, disease outbreaks, geo-political issues, local legislation, crime, and terrorism can all impact the transportation, facilities, and labor that make up your supply chain. These disruptions can pose serious logistics issues and ultimately lead to increased lead times or the failure to deliver a product. Flight suspensions, flight disruptions, infrastructure damage, etc. can all slow down the transportation of your components, therefore getting the latest updates on these events can help you take action quickly and find other suppliers that can fulfill your needs.

Z2Data notifies you on the logistics events affecting your supply chain and what that means for you in terms of timely delivery of products. If a disruption is going to pose a serious problem to receive a product on time, Z2Data also provides you with alternative sites/suppliers you can utilize in order to meet product delivery deadlines and decrease lead times.

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