Litigation Alerts

Notifications on Supplier Litigations

Having a central location that is regularly updated to analyze whether or not your supplier is involved in litigation could be of great use when assessing risk. As opposed to being notified via news feed weeks later that your supplier has been involved in a scandal, Z2Data will send you immediate event alerts every time one of your suppliers is involved in litigation. You can choose to take action on these events, by investigating deeper, marking them as complete, and/or leaving them active to check at a later date. You can receive these alerts via API or email in order to see what is going on with your suppliers in real-time.

Z2Data provides you with the case number, jurisdiction, type of litigation, and whether the case is still open or closed. You are provided with a case summary that gives the judge's name, the reason for litigation, and the link associated with the case so you can track and validate it yourself. Z2Data also provides various docket entries for each case, the action taken, and a source for you to track and verify these actions.

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