Labor & Human Slavery Alerts

Receive alerts on violations to labor laws around the world

Human slavery and human rights issues are still relevant to this day at factories around the globe. Many manufacturers who violate these laws can face serious consequences and at times, stop operating. Not only does this harm your supplier's business, but can also put your business in a negative public light as you were unknowingly funding labor violations. To better understand how your suppliers operate and where their sites are located, you can then mitigate the chance that anyone you do business with is in violation of these rules. Human rights, labor and slavery incidents, human trafficking, etc. are a few of the types of labor and human slavery alerts that Z2Data's Alert tracker warns users about. Once a bill of material is uploaded, Z2Data will inform you if any of your parts or manufacturing locations where your components are made will be affected.

By receiving alerts on these events, you are able to take the necessary actions to find alternative suppliers that are also making the parts that you are looking for so that you are confident that you will be receiving your components in time, from a trustworthy supplier.

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