Integrate with PLM Tools

Receive alerts through your PLM

Z2Data's Alert Tracker integrates with any PLM tool. Z2Data is capable of feeding you data and alerts in any format so that there is cohesiveness between the data already within your PLM and the data you will receive. You can choose to receive this data in an API or FTP format which you can easily integrate into your PLM. If you are concerned with any specific event type or supplier alert notification you filter accordingly and Z2Data will send the alerts you care about for PLM storage. Some of the filters you can apply are:

  • Natural Disaster Alerts
  • Changes Involving Suppliers
  • Pricing Data
  • Lead Time Data
  • Product Change Notices
  • Obsolescence Data and more.

Through our Alert Tracker, you can maintain data within your PLMs in an organized manner. We allow you to get all the information you're looking for without having to change any of your current internal processes or data management tools.

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