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With disruptions happening on a daily basis, your supply chain, suppliers, and components are always changing and susceptible to risk. Managing multiple platforms to track all these events and changes can be very time-consuming. Z2Data allows you to create master alerts and receive emails directly into your inbox on any events that affect your supply chain, suppliers, or parts. With this capability you no longer have to search through numerous news sources, articles, or PCNs; you tell Z2Data what alert types you are concerned with receiving and the Alert Tracker provides you with that information directly to your inbox within 24 hours of the event.

In the email, you are given event details and sources so that you can go deeper and verify the information. By receiving summarized information regarding events, you can determine whether you need to take action or if your supply chain will not be impacted.

Quickly set up alerts and receive the most up to date information regarding events that can have an impact on your supply chain by signing up for a free trial with Z2Data's Alert Tracker.

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